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Lee McCormack

Lee McCormack

Fueled by the leadership and songwriting of Lee McCormack, Moon Violet are a band deeply rooted in all the styles and influences that created rock’n’roll at its birth through the 21st century. Presley, Cash, Lewis, Williams, Fogerty, Springsteen, Setzer, Earle, Lauper, Frehley, Ramone, are all influences heard in the music of Moon Violet. These legendary inspirations lend to the diversity of this band hailing from Toronto, Ontario. These influences, combined with their unique songwriting style and passionate live performances, create a sound that sees no genre boundaries, remaining true to the spirit of rock’n’roll.

“I love to play rock’n’roll. You can’t beat that feeling when the band is rockin’ and it’s really happening” states Lee. “We like many different artists and genres of music, it was only natural that these influences and styles would come out in the music” continues Lee, “the only way to play is with your heart and soul, whether it be a traditional country number and the train wail of a pedal steel, a rockabilly tune with a big hollow Gretsch, or hard rock with a Les Paul crankin’ through a Marshall”.

The heart of rock’n’roll, the soul of the blues, the honesty of country, the attitude of punk can all be found in the music. Something you have never heard before, yet very familiar. Truly a band with something for everybody.

On stage or on record, Moon Violet is honest rock’n’roll from the heart.


December 1978 – Lee McCormack receives first record player and 45, Elvis Presley “Long Tall Sally”. The rock’n’roll seeds are planted.


December 1982 – Lee attends first concert, Kiss, at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario.

The 80’s – Lee attends first concert, Kiss, at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario. Lee’s first drum kit (Pearl). Lee’s first guitar (Gibson Les Paul).

September 1995 – Lee meets Dallas James while both are studying music at Humber College, Toronto, Ontario. They recognize a kindred musical spirit and begin collaborating on various projects.


August 1996 – Lee and Dallas record “Getaway” for the Canadian released Kiss tribute album “Pucker Up”. Dallas handling the lead vocals, while Lee handles the arrangement and instrumentation. A blueprint for future endeavors.


1997 – With the buzz created by the “stand-out” track on “Pucker Up”, Lee and Dallas record “Speedin’ Back To My Baby” for the American released Ace Frehley tribute album “Return Of The Comet”. Lee and Dallas form Moon Violet and begin working on debut album.

Lee McCormack

Lee McCormack

November 1999 – Moon Violet perform first gig at Ted’s Wrecking Yard, Toronto, Ontario. Launch party for debut album “C’mon Let’s All Go” featuring “Voodou Sunshine” and “Sandy Beach Road”.


1999 – 2001 – Live performances in the southern Ontario area promoting “C’mon Let’s All Go” to rave reviews and thrilled audiences.


April 2001 – Dallas performs last gig with Moon Violet at Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, Ontario. Lee and Dallas amicably split to pursue separate endeavours.


2003 – 2004 – Moon Violet “Mark II” with Lee as lead singer perform first gig at Clinton’s Tavern, Toronto, Ontario. Live performances in Ontario. The band tweaks their new sound by playing different themed gigs including hard rock, rockabilly, country, unplugged and solo acoustic sets.


2006 – 2007 – “Heart Tattoo” released featuring “Train Of Heartbreak” and “Hey Sarah”. Heart Tattoo tour including performances in Canada and USA. “Black Leather” EP including remixes and outtakes is released.


2008 – Lee launches side project “The Man Comes Around : A Tribute To Johnny Cash”.


November 2010 – “Rock’n’Roll Party with Moon Violet” featuring “Chance On Love” and a rocking cover of Teenage Head’s “Teenage Beer Drinkin’ Party” is released.


2011 – Rock’n’Roll Party tour across North America

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